Proud to have completed another successful final inspection

Proud to have completed another successful final inspection, we aim to be a leading player in steel production and distribution.

Ekkjo Steel AS, a well-established steel manufacturing company, has successfully completed another final inspection. We take our work in producing steel products seriously and have a highly qualified team that works hard to meet customer needs and deliver products of the highest quality. For each delivery, a thorough review and inspection of all specifications is conducted before the products are shipped by truck to the customer. This ensures that the products maintain the highest quality and are in accordance with all customer specifications. We strive to be a partner that customers can rely on, offering services and products that are capable of helping them achieve success. We offer competitive prices that are significantly lower than all known Norwegian competitors, and also provide cost-effective solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We are proud to have completed yet another successful final inspection and want to be a leading player in steel manufacturing and distribution. We invite partners to work with us and take the step towards success together with; Ekkjo Steel AS – your partner for improved competitiveness.


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