Our daughter company Ekkjo Steel AS;

Our daughter company Ekkjo Steel AS; “Your partner for improved competitiveness”

Ekkjo Steel AS is a well-established Norwegian steel production company that specializes in custom made steel products. We take our work in producing steel products seriously, and we have a highly qualified team that works hard to meet our customers' needs and deliver products of the highest quality. We focus on producing steel products that are specifically designed to meet our customers' needs, and we carry out continuous testing and quality control to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Ekkjo Steel AS has a strong focus on achieving competitiveness. We have competitive prices that are significantly lower than all well-known Norwegian competitors, and we also offer cost-effective solutions that suit our customers' specific needs. We want to be a partner that customers can trust, and we are committed to providing services and products capable of helping them achieve success. Ekkjo Steel AS is proud to be one of the leading steel production and distribution companies. We gladly invite partners to work with us and to take the step towards achieving success together with;

Ekkjo Steel AS – your partner for improved competitiveness.



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