Friday is shipping day!

Friday is shipping day for Ekkjo Steel AS

Friday is shipping day for Ekkjo Steel AS. We are proud to be able to send out components to be used in certified lifting equipment. We are keen to ensure high quality of our products and therefore have strict quality controls that all deliveries go through before they are sent out to customers. We are proud to be a well-established steel manufacturing company and have a highly qualified and competent team that helps us achieve our goals. We work to develop products and services that are adapted to the customer's needs, and we work to become a leader in steel production and distribution. Our products are made according to specific needs and we distribute these products to customers around the world. We want to give our customers the best service and support they need to achieve success.

Ekkjo Steel AS - competitive production and quality.

Friday is shipping day here at Ekkjo Steel AS. We pride ourselves on being able to ship high quality products and work hard to deliver the best service to our customers.


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