Easter holyday is comming up

Ekkjo Group can look back on a positive start to the year.

We at Ekkjo Group AS are happy and proud to be able to look back on a successful start to 2023. We have had an increase in customer support, improved our financial results and increased our market shares. We see that this has led to improvements which in turn have meant that several companies have reported positive development for the first four months. The subsidiary Ekkjo Steel now sells steel products in various markets all over the world, and they have exceeded the customers' expectations. Our concepts and service have been ground-breaking and sustainable and we are proud to be able to offer our customers a cost-effective solution, which contributes to increased competitiveness. Our other subsidiary Ekkjo Engineering Sp Z o o has grown rapidly, and received many innovative assignments where we have carried out design and engineering. We are grateful for the strong support we have received from the market and have grown significantly in the first quarter. By developing and implementing green technology and producing quality products, our aim is to be a leader in steel production and distribution. We are convinced that our expertise and competence are essential to achieve financial success, while at the same time we work to provide our customers with the best service and support they need to achieve this. We thank you for your support and want to continue the development of businesses and companies that strengthen our position and our offer at competitive prices. We are dedicated to growing, flourishing and sharing knowledge and expertise with our customers. We wish all our customers, investors and partners a great Easter.


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