Ekkjo group maritime engineer

Maritime engineer

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Welcome to ekkjo Group 

A group of high-tech companies that offer development of technology and fabrication for offshore, maritime and industrial area. Over the past 20 years, we have built up considerable expertise with production in the Polish market. Our factories are located in Poland. Our sales office is located in Poland and Norway.

We aim to work in sustainable way this is why our production is located in the centre of Europe for minimizing transport need

The ekkjo experience 

The ekkjo experience is what sets our company apart from the competition. As a partner, we cover the entire value chain from technological development, fabrication of steel, to finally documentation, and ensure that the customer's requirements are met with a speed and standard you would demand from your own organisation. Our customers think of us as their own department. We are proud to work seamlessly with them to ensure their needs are met with the quality and flexibility they deserve, all led by HSEQ.



Our Services

Forefront of all the latest products and techniques



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